Sales Representative Agreement South Africa

It does not grant the importer the rights to sell the goods or services. CONSIDERING that the company and the agent wish to enter into an agreement under which the agent markets and sells the product in accordance with the conditions contained therein. This Agency Agreement is entered into from [date] of [Sender.Company] whose registered office is in [Sender.Address] (the Company) and [Client.Company] whose registered office is in [Client.Address] (the “Agent”), both of which agree to be bound by this Agreement. [Customer.First Name] [Customer.Last Name][Client.Company] This Agreement and the interpretation of its terms are governed by the laws of the State and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal courts and the courts of [County], [State]. IN ADDITION, this Service Level Agreement by the parties below is part of the Agreement. . รจ un sito di Giovanni Chirchirillo